Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Justin Timberlake Recruits Local Musicians For Blues CD

Pop Superstar Justin Timberlake certainly knows where to find great blues musicians. He'll be working with some Hamilton talent for his new blues CD.

In a move that stunned the music world, Timberlake has turned his back on pop/dance music. "I'm sick of all the repetitive, cookie cutter, shallow, repetitive s#!+," he said.

"I've been feeling down for a while now, " he added, "I didn't want the fame, the prestige, the riches, the groupies - so becoming a blues musician seemed to be the best choice."

A Google search landed him at this very blog where he discovered the great talent that Hamilton and Burlington had to offer.

To record his new CD, he recruited guitarist James Anthony. "This is a dream come true!" James said enthusiastically, "I have all his CDs, including his stuff with N Sync - not to mention all the posters on my wall!"

James is joined by Dale Park on drums (returning to drumming just for this project), Michael Hickey (Trickbag) on bass, and Lou Campanella (TNT Bluesmen, Hammertones) on harp . Also in the band are Justin's rumoured love interest, Lily Sazz (Groove Corporation) on keyboards and Loretta Hale (Andre & the J-Tones) on trumpet (who some say is also seeing the pop star).

This amazing band has already recorded two songs: "Britney Done Left Me"and "Wardrobe Malfunction Blues".

As a transition from his old style to his new one, Justin has decided to re-record his mega-hit SexyBack as a folky blues song with the help of Alfie Smith.

"I sing that song in the shower all the time!" Alfie exclaimed, "It'll be a privilege to finally record it."

The album will be rushed into production soon to prevent illegal downloading. It should be out in late April. "Fools will think this is impossible," Justin explains, "But they'll see I can sing the blues with the best of them."


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