Monday, October 18, 2010

New Harlan Pepper CD: Young and Old

A while back, the great local band Harlan Pepper released their new CD, Young and Old. It's definitely an apt title as the sound on the disc mixes modern alt-rock with old fashioned folk/roots.

From country (Great Lakes, Sweet Lucy, Royal Variety), blues (No, Reefer) and even alt-rock (Little Miss Sunshine, Yeah) the gang blend genres with amazing skill. Where else can you hear psychedelic organ and banjo pickin' at the same time?

This band of young men will hopefully be making their unique music for a while.

The album is available at their shows, online though Maple Music, at Dakota Mae in the Westdale Village.

Links: Harlan Pepper Site - More Harlan Pepper Stories

Below are a few recent live performances of the songs from the CD.

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