Friday, March 11, 2011

Ray Farrugia (Junkhouse) Plays on New Fearing & White CD

When Canadian folk star Stephen Fearing (Blackie and Rodeo Kings) teamed up with Belfast musician Andy White for a new CD project, Fearing & White, they brought in Hamilton drummer, Ray Farrugia (Junkhouse, Lee Harvey Osmond) to handle the percussion. Ray's great talent on the skins can be heard throughout the album.

The disc is a great addition to Fearing's great body of work. Andy White also adds his brilliant guitar work and outstanding voice. Both musicians harmonize well and complement each other.

Songs range from catchy folk rock tunes (You Can't Count on Anyone Anymore, Heaven for a Lonely Man), slower pieces (Faithful Heart) and music with an Irish feel (What We Know Now, Dream Maker).

The CD is available at Maple Music and iTunes. There's a rocking iTunes exclusive bonus track "How Long" that is also available as a free download if you join their mailing list.

Below are a few related videos.

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