Monday, May 30, 2011

New John and Sheila Ludgate CD: Running Through the Innocent Years

Running Through the Innocent Years, the newest CD from local singer/songwriters John and Sheila Ludgate, is filled with warm and inviting songs.

It's almost like having some friends over and talking wistfully about the good and bad times. There's defintely a lyrical thread about life's many experiences.

Perhaps the affection comes from the album being a family affair with John and Sheila's sons playing on the disc. They do a great job adding depth to their parents' music. You can even hear cool effects on some of the songs (Never Too Late, Time's March).

The numbers run the gamut from countryish, catchy rhythms (Masquerade, Wasted Time) to solemn, thoughtful tunes (Fly Away, The Coming of Winter). This family handles the many moods well.

The CD is available at their live shows.

Check out one of their videos below.

John & Sheila Ludgate - Never Too Late from james b featherstone on Vimeo.
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