Friday, December 2, 2011

New Ariana Gillis CD: Forget Me Not

One thing that stands out on local singer/songwriter Ariana Gillis's latest CD, Forget Me Not, is the power in her vocals. It's a voice that deserves to be heard and almost screams out, "just because I'm young and can play infectious music doesn't mean I'm a pop star".

As always, Ariana shows great talent with incredible catchy melodies but on this offering, both her lyrics and vocals seem to have more of an extra edge to them. It's a very welcome change. There's more of a roots element here as well.

Her softer vocal side is also on display on songs such as John and the Monster and Oh the World.

The CD is available at her live shows, on Maple Music, and as a download on iTunes and cdbaby.

Below are live performances of songs from the album.

Videos courtesy of Ariana Gillis.

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