Monday, April 15, 2013

New Lindy Vopnfjord CD: Young Waverer

Young Waverer, the latest CD from local singer/songwriter Lindy Vopnfjord (aka "Lindy") has many beautiful layers.

Underneath it all is an unmistakable folk and singer/songwriter vibe.  Lindy has crafted some impressive tunes with a stunning storytelling touch.

Built on top of that sonic foundation is a modern, quasi-alternative pop sound that meshes well with his expressive vocals.  Most of the songs are wonderfully infectious (especially Warsaw's Blinking Lights and On My Way Back Home). There are some remarkable slower numbers as well (Lover Sister and May Not be Right).

Lindy enlisted a few of his bandmates from Major Maker and Luke Doucet (Whitehorse) to help create his unique vision.

The CD can be downloaded through his web site or iTunes.

Below are a few videos from the recordign courtesy of  Stellablu477.

Links: Lindy Vopnfjord, More CD Releases

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