Monday, January 27, 2014

New Blue Rodeo CD: In Our Nature (their 1st with Colin Cripps)
In Our Nature the first album by Canadian Music Hall of Famers, Blue Rodeo to feature Hamilton's Colin Cripps has the band in fine form.  The former Crash Vegas and Junkhouse guitar wizard works really works well with the veteran musicians.

This Warner Music release continues the group's world-class roots rock sound with bits of soul, southern rock, country, amazing ballads, catchy rhythms and more.  Each stunning song has its own feel and atmosphere.

They kick off the album with the energetic New Morning SunIn Our Nature then continues with such highlights as the beautiful Make Up Your Mind, and the emotion of Tara's Blues and the title track.

You can buy this wonderful CD at many music stores and online shops or download through
iTunes.  At the Blue Rodeo Store it's even available as an LP (with bonus CD).

Videos below courtesy of Blue Rodeo.

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