Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New Billy J White EP: Damn Fool Thing to Do
Burlington country boy, Billy J. White's  recent EP, Damn Fool Thing to Do is a damn fine recording.  Packed with no-nonsense, powerful country rock - it'll get your up off your chair and onto the dance floor.

This is working man's music at its best.  There's a good time, party vibe throughout the EP.  Billy and the gang do slow it down a bit for the lovely ballad, What Heart Can Do. After that, it ends off with a bang thanks to the closer, Saturday Night - the most rockin' of the  bunch.

Billy's assembled quite a team to work on the tunes: Jerry Adolphe, Dennis Marcenko, Darren Savard, Tom McKillip, Mike Sanyshyn, John Ellis, Darryl Havers and Gord Maxwell.

So go ahead and grab a disc by going to his online store or download it though eMusic or iTunes

Videos below courtesy of Billy J White

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