Saturday, May 3, 2014

New James Anthony CD: Some People Get It
Underneath the wonderfully retro cover of Burlington Bluesman James Anthony's latest CD, Some People Get It lies a great, vintage-style album.  Recorded analog to digital, it will take you back and rock you at the same time.

There's the classic boogie woogie of Who's Doing Who, to bop of Rockabilly Walk, the soulful tenderness of If You Love Me, the jazzy Date with the Blues and the acoustic stylings of Travelling in my Mind.  James and his co-horts do them all with class.

The veteran musician enlisted a great collection  of talented artists such as Les Smith (Trickbag), Bucky Berger, James Rasmussen, Bill Speer, Mike Doyle, Hailee Rose, Dan Munro and Bizzaro Donini.

You can pick up the CD at any of James's wonderful live shows.

Blast from the Past: James Anthony CD - On The Edge

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