Wednesday, August 27, 2014

More Cool Videos of the Duane Rutter Guitarathon for Annaleise Carr@Port Dover Beach (July 26, 2014), Part 2

Click here if you can't see the videos

Duane will be returning to Port Dover Beach for Annaleise Carr's second attempt on August 31 going from 5am to when she completes the swim.

Links: Rory Dodd (vocals), More Rory Dodd Stories, Jeremiah Budnark (bass)

Links: Jeremiah's Folk Page, More Jericho Stories

Links: Lori Yates, More Lori Yates Stories, Michael Hickey (bass), Nick Burson (drums), Video above courtesy of Scotty Bakalar

Click here for Part 1 

Bonus video below courtesy of Skumm60

Blast from the Past: Duane's 2012 Guitarathon

Links: Duane Rutter, More Duane Rutter Stories

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