Saturday, November 15, 2014

Hamilton Loses Brian Griffith, One of Its Guitar Giants

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of the super-talented Hamilton guitarist Brian Griffith.  He passed away in his sleep on Friday, November 14, 2014.  Condolences to his family, friends and fans.

In a city full of amazing guitarists, he was one of the most in demand and sought after players.  The man could play country, soul, blues, rock, reggae and anything that was thrown at him - he was a true professional.  His amazing work led him to team up with such international stars as Emmylou Harris, Willie Nelson, Daniel Lanois and more.

Brian was also one of the most beloved figures in the Steeltown musical scene. His good nature and generosity as a musician will always be remembered.

A word from Lou, our blogger: "I'm sad to hear of the passing of my friend Brian.  I had seen him numerous times with different musicians and he always knocked it out of the park.  On top of that, he always had a smile and a laugh to share with me.  Brian's good nature was infectious.  I'll truly miss him"

The outpouring of love on social media was incredible.

Harrison Kennedy: " I am heartbroken deeply. He played anything and everything well on any guitar."

Shawn Brush: "Brian was a fine human being and will be missed by many. He would often greet me with a hug or a kiss on the forehead. He was a friend and a fan who admired and encouraged me with my music. I will miss him, but will endeavor to keep his presence alive and felt through my performances. I know there are many people that will miss him."

Paul Langille: "A kind gentle man with a wicked sense of humour, and one of the most talented musicians I have ever had the honour of working with."

Robin Benedict: "There is a dark cloud that is overwhelming my city tonight and forever!! Brian Griffith, you have been such a light in this Musically electric place and you have made your mark all over the world!"

Tomi Swick: "We lost one of the most amazing beautiful people and players any of us will ever know, I have your words on my skin brother. No matter where we go no matter what we do we will always be brothers of the wind."

Michael Hickey: "If one could hear could certainly hear it in every note Brian played."

Paul Panchezak (Trickbag): "His phenomenal talent was surpassed by his beautiful soul. He was always an encouraging friend. A gentle man. And a gentleman. We loved sharing the latest boxing news when our paths crossed. I can't believe he's gone."

Justin Sawicki: "Brian Griffith was a pillar in the Hamilton music scene. He was was the first act I saw when I moved to Hamilton just over a decade ago. I can remember seeing him play for the first time and thinking it was impossible to do what he did with a guitar, yet somehow those impossible notes were flowing mightily out of his fingers. You will be missed dearly in this Steel Town. Your town."

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  1. You'll notice that people want to talk about Brian as a person here, not just as a guitarist. That's because he is truly one of the finest people you could ever meet. Brian's friends didn't just like he, we loved him. We have lost one of our shining lights and my family is devastated and heartbroken. We miss you so much, Brian.