Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hamilton's James-Alphonse Fill Their Debut with Soulful, Laid Back Grooves

Hamilton group James-Alphonse are off to an amazing start with their self titled album.  Soulful pop with hints of jazz, blues and a touch of folk fill the recording with some wonderfully laid back grooves.

The gang manage to use just the right amount of modern sound without going the over-produced route.  By rooting it in a more traditional vein, they can really offer up something unique.

James Gould of Allotrope fronts the band with James Gould (vocals, guitar), Mark Daum (lead guitar), Giordano Modesto (bass), and Wilson Northcott (Drums) creating the incredible instrumentation.  Fabulous work all arround!

You can pick up this superb CD at their live shows or by contacting them at  It can be downloaded using their Bandcamp page as well.

Links: James-AlphonseMore Releases, Videos above courtesy of James-Alphonse

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