Sunday, October 11, 2015

New CD from Grimsby's Shari Vandermolen and Quarter to Nine Is Fiery and Stirring

Grimsby's Shari Vandermolen and her amazing jazz band Quarter to Nine have put their best foot forward on the group's explosive new self titled album.  This fiery and stirring recording will leave its mark on you.

The wonderful frontlady uses an actor's craft when belting out these incredible tunes.  You can really feel the conviction and emotion in each song.  The rest of the unbelievable band bumps and bops with skill and panache  throughout.

Quarter to Nine includes such luminaries as Steve McRae (Piano), James Gannett (Bass), Michael Yeates (Drums), Jay Burr (Trombone) and Ray Chantler (Trumpet).  Urmas Soomet (Bass) and Steve Tomalty (Drums) guest on one track.

You can pick up a CD at any of the band's gripping live shows or via their website.  It's available for download at
iTunes as well.

Blast from the Past: Quarter to Nine and Other Jazz Videos

Links: Quarter to Nine, More Quarter to Nine StoriesMore ReleasesVideo above courtesy of Hamilton Blues Lovers

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