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CONGRATS! Stingray Music's Best Blues Albums of 2015 Packed with Local Artists

Canadian digital audio service, Stingray Music (formerly Galaxie) included quite a number of area acts in their Best Blues Album list for 2015.

Albums by Hamiltonians Andre Bisson and Steve Strongman reached numbers 53 and 112 respectively.

Links: Andre BissonMore Andre Bisson storiesVideo above courtesy of Sheila Donovan

Links: Steve StrongmanMore Steve Strongman storiesVideo above courtesy of Stingray Music

That's not all from Hammertown though: a number of recordings featuring work by Steve Strongman (w Roly Platt), Harrison Kennedy (w Eric Bibb), Tom Wilson (writing w Matt Anderson) and Jack de Keyzer (w Harmonica Shah) made the cut as well.  Mark Crissinger's Blues Expression, which was recorded in Hamilton, won the 88th spot.

Niagara's Suzie Vinnick co-wrote with Matt Anderson for his Weightless album (#115) and Oakville boy Jordan John teamed up with Roly Platt for the Inside Out CD 

Here is the top ten list with the local performers shown below.
  1. Samantha Martin and Delta Sugar: Send The Nightingale
  2. Michael Jerome Browne: Sliding Delta
  3. Rick Fines: Driving Home
  4. Blackburn: Brothers In This World
  5. Roly Platt: Inside Out (ft Hamilton's Steve Strongman and Oakville's Jordan John)
  6. Bernard Allison: In The Mix
  7. Brad Hatfield: For A Change
  8. Lee Palmer: Like Elway
  9. Steve Earle: Terraplane
  10. Rob Paparozzi and The Ed Palermo Big Band: Electric Butter
27. Eric Bibb: Blues People (ft Hamilton's Harrison Kennedy)
88, Mark Crissinger: Blues Expression (Recorded in Hamilton)
115. Matt Andersen: Weightless (Songs co-written by Hamilton's Tom Wilson and Niagara's Suzie Vinnick)
129. Harmonica Shah: If You Live To Get Old, You Will Understand (ft Hamilton's Jack de Keyzer)

Blast from the Past: Bisson, Strongman and de Keyzer Win Hammer Blues Awards

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