Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Burlington's Judi Rideout Creates One of the Best Americana CDs Out There!

Ex-Husband, the debut album from Burlington's Judi Rideout is one of the best Americana recordings out there.  It's just the right mix of traditional and modern!

A superb blend of country, blues, folk and more, Judi and the gang know how to merge it all into great tunes.  Judi's voice sets the right mood and fits perfectly into the sound.

Helping with the full-bodied feel of the songs are Mark Foley (electric guitar), Justine Fischer (bass), Steve Bigas (drums, producer), Tom Bigas (percussion), Ron Cole (accordion) and Mary Simon (harmony vocals).   Judi also shows some incredible songwriting skills (including co writes with Mark Foley, Dale Rideout and Fred Eaglesmith). The lady also plays a few amazing tracks written by Jessi Elgersma and Keith Shaw,.

If you catch one of her fabulous live shows, you can pick up the CD.  It's also available Picks and Sticks (Hamilton), Records on Wheels (Dundas) and Circle Game (Port Dover).

Blast from the Past: Judi Rideout and Friends Live

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