Sunday, July 24, 2016

New Album From Waterloo Bluesman Jordan Patterson Demands to Heard!

In 1996, Waterloo Bluesman Jordan Patterson released an acclaimed debut album.  Unfortunately, he dropped out of performing a few years later to focus on concert promotion.  Now he's back with The Back on Track Recording Project, a bold musical statement that'll make listeners take notice.

There's an intensity here and Jordan uses it well.  Hard driving, soulful and funky, the project demands to be heard and experienced.  It's not so much an album as it is a rhythmic call to arms.  The music will lift your spirits and re-energize you.

Inducted into his Blues cause are Benjamin Rollo (drums), Mark McIntyre (bass) plus Darryl Romphf of Lumberjunk and Bobby Thompson (guitars). Guests Skyler Jordan (vocals) and Scott Galloway (keys) are enlisted as well.

You can get his album into your hands through cdbaby or iTunes.

Video above courtesy of Shy lina

Video above courtesy of NewBluesRocker2015

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