Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Bandit Queen from Hamilton's Sarah Beatty is Unbelievably Diverse!

Hamilton songstress Sarah Beatty has really outdone herself with her latest unbelievable album, Bandit Queen.  She's done an amazing job evolving into an unpredictable, genre-fusing singer/songwriter.

There's no pinning her down on this recording: going from soulful chanteuse to ragtime gal to heartfelt balladeer and beyond. Bandit Queen showcases an incredible versatility and range. Every song has it's own feel and you never know what she's gonna hit you with next!

Aiding her on her music journey is a top-notch main band featuring Matty Simpson (electric guitar, banjo),  Justine Fischer (bass) and Dave Clark (Drums).  Also lending a hand are Greg Brisco (keys), Deeps (keys), Troy Dowding (trumpet, flugelhorn), Steve Collette (trumpet, flugelhorn), Bob Doidge (Euphonium), Sal Rosselli (sax), Ross Woodbridge (Clarinet), Chris Skrzek of Skirt Check (trombone), Michel Dequevedo (hand percussion) and Mary Simon (harmony vocals).

If you're looking for something truly multi-faceted, you can pick up her CD at Dr. Disc and Cheapies in Hamilton plus Forch's (Cambridge) and Busted Flat (Kitchener).  It can also be purchased through her online shop or iTunes.

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