Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Merle Travis' 100th Birthday

Wednesday, November 29, 2017 would have been Merle Travis' 100th birthday.

Recently, we asked a number of local musicians for comments about this legendary country performer.  Here are a few responses:

Marty Allen
Merle Travis, the template of Americana. It still moves me so!
Shawn Brush
Travis picking… How many people have a style named after them?
Ty Baynton
Merle Travis was a great songwriter and unique guitar player. I still use his picking style now and then while playing acousticly at shows or radio spots and I'm sure he influenced many other players as well.
Jonathan Knight (Soulstack)
Merle Travis is one of the cornerstones of my guitar playing. Travis picking was one of my first few chosen challenges and it's still part of my practise routine everyday
Tim McDonald (of the Barn Katz) responded with his cover of Merle's biggest hit: 16 Tons.

Links: Barn Katz, More Barn Katz StoriesVideo above courtesy of Tim McDonald

Here are a few videos from the man himself.

Video above courtesy of antonichkov

Video above courtesy of justformusicvideos

Video above courtesy of TVHotRock

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