Friday, February 16, 2018

Patty Andrews of the Andrews Sisters 100th Birthday

Today (Friday, February 16, 2018) would have been the 100th birthday of Patty Andrews of the Andrews Sisters. She's the last of the famous trio to reach that milestone.

We asked local musicians for comments on the group. Here's a sampling:

Jude Johnson
The family genetic harmony of the Andrew Sisters is astounding, seamless in its tonal quality and flawless in its execution. These chicks could sing! swingingest, boogie woogie blowing...the family compact
Karen Thornton
Love those sisters and the music from that era. Their harmonies and vocal blend was so amazing, phrasing and intonation was spot on!

In her honour, here's a video of the Hamilton All-Star Jazz Band performing the trio's biggest hit.

Links: Hamilton All-Star Jazz BandMore HASJB StoriesVideo above courtesy of Reginald Doel

Here are some videos from the ladies themselves.

Video above courtesy of aSmokersDelightI

Video above courtesy of ILOveOldies

Video above courtesy of David Shelton

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