Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Hamilton's Rocket & the Renegades Debut Will Hook You In Immediately

If ya got a hankering for music with some teeth to it, look no further than Born in the Hammer, the debut album from Hamilton's Rocket and the Renegades. These are some nasty, punky, rockabilly rhythms right here.  It'll hook you in immediately.

Rocket (aka Robin Magder-Pierce) has a voice that makes its presence known right from the start. There's emotion and power that'll hit ya hard! The impressive lyrical storytelling will keep you coming back for repeated listens.

The renegades boast such luminaries as Rick Prinsthal (Paperboys, Deacons, Krickets, 3D's) on guitar/vocals, 57 Trevy (Burnin' Ethyl) on bass/vocals and Claude DesRoches (Shakers, Swampbusters) on drums. Also popping in on the album are Mike Williams (bass) and Rick Andrew of the Shakers (backup vocals).

To get the CD in your hot little hands, you can contact rocket through her website or by showing up to one of her unforgettable live shows.

Video above courtesy of Robin Magder-Pierce

Video above courtesy of Rick Prinsthal

Blast from the Past: Rocket on Barber Shop Podcast

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