Tuesday, July 9, 2019

3 Incredible FREE EP's from Georgetown's The Tradition

When we last left Georgetown's Douglas Richard Sinclair aka The Tradition, he was half of a folk duo with an impressive debut recording.

A line-up change later and he's part of an incredible trio with Bill McBride and Chris Udell. They have an additional 2 EPs of fabulous acoustic folk to their credit.

The Ewing Street Session features 5 remarkable classic country cover tunes done with an organic, off the cuff but powerful style.

The Leathertown Session (featuring the amazing fiddle of  Pierre Arsenault on a track) continues the acoustic, down-home style but adds a more kitchen table jam fun vibe to the mix.

The most recent Tradition EP, the aptly named Bare Bones now features Douglas on his own. It packs a quite a wallop for a one man project and his emotional vocals will chill your soul.

The EP's can be purchased from his Bandcamp page for FREE! You have no excuse to check them out and discover their unforgettable music.

Blast from the Past: Their Debut Recording

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