Saturday, January 11, 2020

Hamilton-Born and St. Catharines Raised Rush Drummer, Neil Peart Passes

One of the world's biggest rock legends, Rush drummer Neil Peart passed away on Tuesday January 2, 2020 after a brain cancer diagnosis. Neil, who was born in Hamilton and also grew up in St. Catharines, was an integral part of one of Canada's (and the world's) most popular bands. Their influence is immeasurable.

Our condolences to his family, friends and fans.

Rush placed the statement below on their website.

Jacob Moon, who performed for the band's induction into the Canadian Songwriters' Hall of Fame, posted a tribute video. Click here to view it. He also posted a statement: 
I am shocked, as is the whole musical world, by the sudden and tragic passing of Neil Peart, surely one of our most precious national treasures. His gifts on his instrument are unmatched. His way with words illuminated the human condition in artful and insightful ways.
We will all be poorer for his absence, myself included...We do well to heed his words, and to savor the life we have while we have it.
'Freeze this moment a little bit longer/Make each sensation a little bit stronger' - Neil Peart
Rest well, professor.
Local Media
Many other local musicians took to social media to honour the music legend.

Spider Costello
A HUGE influence on me, not only as a drummer, but his lyrics as well, which spoke to my personal experience as a small-town outsider and inspired me to broaden my literary horizons. A terrible, terrible loss.
Steve Parton
Oh no. The world's most beloved drummer has just died. Neil Peart from Rush is gone at age 67. His lyrics and his drumming made me weep, as I am weeping now. He was my favourite drummer, my favourite lyricist.
Dan McKinnon
I remember seeing Rush on their Vapour Trails tour at the Molson Amphitheatre, their first Toronto show after their hiatus in the 90's. One of the highlight's from that show was Neil's drum solo, which went something like this.... 
Here's to one of the greatest who ever stepped behind a kit!
Bill Majoros (The Foreign Fims)
As a Canadian kid learning to play drums & guitar it was a "right of passage" to learn Rush songs. Tom Sawyer, YYZ, Spirit of the Radio etc Thanks to Mr Peart for epic inspiration.
May your magnificent creative spirit live on in those wonderful, super-duper complex drum beats! 

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