Thursday, July 23, 2020

Amália Rodrigues' 100th Birthday

Today (July 23, 2020) would have been Portuguese music legend Amália Rodrigues' 100th birthday (officially at least - see mini bio for details).

A word from Lou, our blogger:
Amália Rodrigues is the biggest figure in the world of Fado, a Portuguese musical style known for it's emotion and down-to-earth subject matter. I grew up with her music in my house and learned to appreciate her artistry as I got older. This legendary lady is a big part of my cultural heritage and my past.
Mini-bio (from Wikipedia) 
  • Born in Lisbon Portugal (July 1, 1920). Her parents registered Amália's birthday as the 23rd because otherwise there would be a fine for registering a baby too late - this was common practice with poorer Portuguese families back then.
  • Starting singing (around 1935)
  • Made her acting debut in 'Capas Negras' (1946)
  • Recorded an album in Italian, A Una Terra Che Amo (1973)
  • Released her last studio album, Lágrima (1983)
  • Died (October 6, 1999)
Here's video of Hamilton Fado singer, Luis Ferraz covering one of her songs.

Below are a few of Amália's many beautiful songs.

Links: Amália Rodrigues, Videos above courtesy of Amália Rodrigues - OfficialMore 100th Birthdays

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