Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Juno-Winning Superstar Jerry Doucette Passes

It's with sadness that we announce that superstar Jerry Doucette passed away on April 18, 2022 after a brave battle with cancer. The Juno-wining music legend was best known for his smash hit 1977 Mama Let Him Play. Our condolences to his family, friends and fans.

Jerry was born in Montreal but moved to Hamilton when he was 4 and spent some of his childhood there. Later he moved to Toronto then Vancouver and BC.

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Jeff Neil (Streetheart)
A brilliant singer/songwriter/ player.
Personally I feel Jerry never received the accolades his talent deserved.
We used to play his amazing debut album constantly back when bands played music over their systems when they took a break.
Another great Canadian artist gone far too soon. 
My sincere condolences go out to all of Jerry's family and loved ones.
Live you life fully friends and don't forget to tell the people you love that you do.

David Gogo

I’m sorry to hear that Jerry Doucette has passed. Tremendously talented musician and Canadian legend. The first time I met him, he shook my soft hand and said “You must be a good guitar player, because it doesn’t feel like you’ve worked a day in your life!’. Sending love to his family. 

Bill Dillon (The Boomers)

And now Jerry Doucette!! Gone at 70 yrs young I've known him since the 60s, along with so many of us here. I was just 16 yrs when I'd first met and heard him. Rest In Peace Jerry 

Russell McAllister (former bandmate) 

Heart with a hole tonight. I've lost a wonderful friend and the memories both good and some bad in our musical treasure hunt way back. At twelve years of age, Jerry was turning heads. I was called upon to listen to the Reefers in a home out in Winona and I drove to the address given. There with the usual start up gear of the day learning Pretty Woman. Jerry was struggling to syncopate the pattern to compliment the drummer, Al Rees, I believe. I was asked to show Jerry the Riff. He was embarrassed, I think. I followed Al into the intro and shared the fingering with Jerry two or three times. Within fifteen minutes he nailed it. In that era, to play Pretty Woman was very cool.

Jerry turned out to be the standout in the band. The ladies were gushing and really turning Jerry crimson at all of The Reefers gigs.  He pissed off many of his older peers because of his quick rise to local fame. That started the search for knowledge. One-upmanship was the order of the day. When any of the local bands would play at a High School all of the other groups not working would be on scene to watch the crowd reaction. Jerry would step out front and wail away and stun all of the other Slingers on hand. F%#k Me, did you hear that. One of many phrases used to describe Jerry.

In 1969 I finally had a chance to work in a band with Jerry. Buxton Kastle proved to be a battle ground for Jerry and I. Initially we both tried to be ALPHA AXE. Finally, we helped each other with some personal issues and formed a bond that to this day is sacred. We started encouraging each other during solos and finding perfect harmonies in some brilliant lush fat sounding passages. It was a thing of beauty. From then on we were each other's Wing Man.

As we know Jerry's Momma let him take off to the west coast, where magic took place. His Mama Let Him Play all over North America to packed arenas and festivals. Hamilton had their own 6ft 3inch Guitar God. Jerry had some demons but he also had charisma and attitude. He worked at El Macombo and Budweiser Stage in Toronto. Many of us went to see him kick ass as only he could. Jerry Doucette will always be Our Jerry. Hamilton's own. I loved you, Amigo. As did others. However, no one will remember you or miss you in this arena more than I. Keep Bendin' em my friend. God Bless you.

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