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Celebrating Black History Month! Videos by Harrison Kennedy, Garnetta Cromwell, Messenjah

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Historical Bits

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Historical Bits

  • Started her musical journey in Montreal
  • Overcame a hearing impairment as a child
  • Later moved to Ontario 
  • Joined Toronto reggae band, Sweet Sensation in the 90's
  • Has a Human Rights Case Study based on her years-long landmark racial discrimination trial: Cromwell vs Leon Furniture Inc.
  • Garnetta got involved in Olympic Weightlifting and won a gold medal and set an Ontario record in 2018. She later won two medals in the Pan-Am Games and then set a Canadian record.
  • Released her first album Time to Shine in 2023.

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Historical Bits

  • Formed in 1980 in Kitchener
  • First Canadian reggae band signed to a major label (Warner Music Canada)
  • Release first album in 1982: Rock You High.
  • In 1988, appeared in and were on the soundtrack for the movie Cocktail
  • Won a Juno Award for Best Reggae Recording in 1989

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