Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Jerry Johnson CD: Right Now

The new year has gotten off to a rockin' start with the release of the new Jerry Johnson CD, Right Now.

The disc continues the Texas-style, psychedelic, hard rockin' sound from his previous CD, Show Some Action. Jerry has also reunited the same amazing team from that earlier album: Rob "Lord Bubba" Brown on bass and Teenage Head's Jack Pedler on drums.

The music is funky, groovy, and LOUD! It'll make ya boogie but it'll shake your house!

If your ears are up to the challenge (don't worry, there are a few quiet moments), the disc is available at his shows.

Below are a few videos from his Donnely's Pub performance on January 9, 2010. All songs are from the new CD. Click here if you can't see them.

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