Monday, January 11, 2010

Performer of the Week: Wayne Janus

Wayne Janus divides his time between various spots in Canada but he's a local boy at heart.

He's performed at clubs and festivals all over Canada and the US since the 90's. One amazing addition to his resume is the ten-year stint as the lead guitarist for the legendary George “Wild Child” Butler, who said he was the meanest blues guitarist he ever heard.

This incredible singer/songwriter has three CD's to his name - each with its own special flavour: Rockin' Blues (OMP), Swamp Blues (
All Access Blues), and Folk/Jazz/Rock Fusion (September Moon)

No matter what style he's playing, Wayne bring energy and musicianship. He can make the guitar scream, wail and soothe. His amazing voice can also adapt to many styles.

According to his MySpace Page, he's currently producing a new disc for 2010. It'll be interesting to see which direction he goes on.

Links: MySpace - CD Baby - YouTube

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