Thursday, April 1, 2010

Local Musicians in Playgirl's "Canadian Rocker" Special

You probably know that Hamilton has the most talented musicians but did you also know we have the sexiest as well?

An upcoming special issue of Playgirl will feature tasteful nude shots of popular Canadian musicians such as Randy Bachman, Gordon Lightfoot, Neil Young, and many others. The best part is three of the studliest models are from right here in the Hammer.

It all started when a Playgirl photographer visited Lou, our illustrious blogger, webmaster and CEO of Hamilton Blues Lovers Inc.

We'll let him tell the story:

"Once again, Playgirl sent a photographer to my house to beg and bribe me with tons of cash to get me to pose for the magazine," he said, "As always, I refused, but this time I told her to check out the local musicians and see if they're interested."

In a special deal with Playgirl Magazine, we've been given permission to post the pictures from our local performers. Since this is a family blog, we've had to censor them. Don't worry, the special issue comes out soon and all you ladies (and men too - we don't discriminate here at HBL) will be able to see them in all their glory.

Photos by April Fulcilli

Andre Bisson's soulful voice isn't his only asset. Check out his band, Andre and the J-Tones around Southern Ontario.

Voodoo Chicken singer and journeyman drummer, Spider Costello can make both drums and hearts beat fast!

When Rick Prinsthal is not rockin' out with his band Rick and the Krickets, he likes to just kick back and relax.


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