Monday, May 10, 2010

Perfomer of the Week: Lisa Winn

Hamilton born singer/songwriter Lisa Winn has one of the most beautiful voices around.

Her haunting vocals and incredible guitar work blend to make an amazing musical experience that encompasses folk, a little country, pop and rock.

Not only does she have a few CD's of great solo stuff but she's in high demand as a backup vocalist. Lisa has worked with local musicians such as Jacob Moon, Melissa McClelland, Jamie Oakes, Mike Trebilcock, Mary Simon and more. She has even recorded with the legendary Gordon Lightfoot.

Lisa and Melissa McClelland are also part of the Ladybird Sideshow, a group of four talented woman who released their debut CD, Live at the Orange Lounge in 2004. They currently tour across North America.

Links: Main Site - MySpace - Her CDs on CDBaby - More Lisa Winn Stories

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