Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Caretakers CD: Unfinished Thoughts

With a core of three distinctive vocalists and a talented team of musicians to back them up, the Caretakers have created an incredibly diverse new CD, Unfinished Thoughts (and Other Stories from the Songwriter's Den)

The Caretakers are Jeffrey C. Martin (guitar, vocals, main songwriter), Lena Montecalvo (vocals), and Norm Van Bergen (vocals, guitar). Though they each have a distinctive voice, the trio also work really well together when the song calls for harmonies.

The band takes the CSNY/Buffalo Springfield/Byrds style folk rock sound and updates it. Elements of southern rock, pop, country, and more can be heard throughout the disc. Lyrically, the songs also explore a number of political themes.

Standout tracks include the epic sounding Seven Monkeys On My Back, the sweet, soulful Daddy Laughed, and the incredibly catchy opening number, It's Thinking Time.

Helping the trio with this great CD is an amazing array of local talent. They include members of the Mississippi Kings and Freedom Train along with Barry Mac, and Mike Trebilcock, and others.

The disc is available at their shows and Picks N Sticks. It call also be downloaded by clicking here. A dollar from each CD goes to War Child Canada.

Below are videos from their CD Release Party at Vibewranger Studio on May 8, 2010.

The Caretakers are behind the mics (left to right): Norman Van Bergan, Jeffrey C. Martin & Lena Montecalvo

They're joined by Mike Trebilcock (Mandolin on Daddy Laughed), Paully Vas (harmonica), Mike Vertimiglia (guitar-left), Dan Stadjuhar (drums), Nick Cino (guitar-centre), Dave Marini (bass), John Daly (guitar-right), Barry Mac (slide guitar)

Click here for more video from this show.

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