Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cool Fool by Doug Carter Explores Local Music Scene

Depending on your age, Cool Fool: Blues Rockin' in the Hammer by bassist Doug Carter, will be either a wonderful trip down memory lane or an entertaining history lesson. This amazing memoir chronicles Doug's days as a bassist for numerous Hamilton (mainly blues) bands from the sixties onward.

The author's writing style is very loose and informal, which definitely fits a book about the blues. It's an easy, fun read. Peppered with many unique photos, the memoir is a great experience.

Doug's co-star for this book would have to be the late King Biscuit Boy, his longtime friend and musical partner as they both struggle with making a living in the music industry. The memoir also doubles as a look at the local blues legend's early days.

Along the way, the writer touches on his encounters with many local music makers such as Harrison Kennedy, the Stingrays, Guitar Mikey, Jack DeKeyzer, and many more. Doug starts the book off with a wonderful story about an encounter with the legendary Muddy Waters.

This book is a must have for all local music fans, no matter what your age.

Below is a video promoting the book. Click here if you can't see it.

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