Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Christopher Clause CD: Round

Round, the latest CD from Hamilton musician Christopher Clause, received quite a bit of fanfare at its release party on September 24, 2010 at the Westside Theatre.

The attention was definitely warranted. Most of the songs on the disc are catchy, high-energy pop rock (Surreal But Beautiful, Friday Smile, Under the Weather, more). They're in the cool spirit of the 60s without being derivative. Throughout the album, the sounds are peppered with fuzz, wailing guitars and other neat features. You can even hear some touches of classical, bluegrass and more.

To end off the collection, Christopher brings us a few wonderful slow songs: Brilliant Treble, Beautiful Mile (dedicated to his late sister), and Love Can Change the World (featuring a choir full of talented local singers such as Chris and Christa, Lianne Cranfield, Kim Koren, Karen Johnson, Fred Magie, Fred D Smith, Kori Pop, and more).

Other great local musicians on the album include Bob Bryden (harmony/backing vocals), Michael Scott (drums), Spider Costello (drums, backing vocals), Lisa Winn (backing vocals) Amy King (backing vocals, engineering) and Bob Doidge on multiple instruments. On Tambourine Bruise Christopher's even joined by his two children Emma and Riley.

To top things off this recording is even available on vinyl! The record, CD or digital download can can be purchased at the Foot Records web site.

The singer/guitarist managed to recreate many of the powerful songs from the disc live at the Cd release party. Below are a few performances featuring songs from the new CD. Click here if you can't see them.

Personnel: Amy King (keys, vocals), Mark McIntyre (bass), (Lisa Winn (vocals), Christopher Clause (guitar, vocals, keys on Beautiful Mile), Michael Scott (drums), Andrew Aldridge (guitar), Bob Bryden (vocals on Surreal But Beautiful & Love Can Change the World)

Additional musicians for Love Can Change the World:Fred Magie, Fred D Smith, Lena Montecalvo, Chris and Christa, Lianne Cranfield, Karen Corinth, Frank Koren (guitar, right)

Click here for pictures of the show

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