Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Burnin' Ethyl CD: Pop the Hood

Hamilton band Burnin' Ethyl have unleashed a new CD, Pop the Hood. The disc shows a group that can go beyond the typical rockabilly sound and add a few new twists and turns.

The album's like taking a '57 Chevy and adding a modern engine. It has the cool retro feel but is extremely revved up.

The boys have injected catchy pop (Girls Like You, Outta Nothing), country (Won't Take Long, You're There), and some hard rock (Let Me Down, the aptly titled Fast As You Can) to the music. There are even two raw, acoustic bonus tracks to end the disc (Shuttin' Er Down, High Octane).

The CD is currently available at their killer live shows.

Below is the video for Won't Take Long.

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