Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Design Hope CD: A Place in My Heart

Soul, jazz, folk, funk, pop, blues, instrumentals, slow songs, rockers . . .

There's something for everyone on A Place in My Heart, the 5th Design Hope Compilation CD. Money raised from the sale of the disc goes towards helping the homeless in Hamilton. A great cause an an amazing album.

Performers include City and the Sea, Kensington Prarie, Fred Magie, Annette Haas, Bob Doidge, Frank Koren, Carter Lancaster, Chris White, Karen Corinth, Mark LaForme, Sharon Musgrave, Danny Lockwood, NLX, Chantal Chamberland, Melissa Bel and Buckshot Bebee. Many of these musicians also play on each other's songs.

Christopher Clause and Amy King produce the album as well as back up a number of the main artists. Also helping out are Mark McIntyre, Colin Lapsley, Brian Griffith, Andrew Aldridge, and more.

Like all of the Design Hope collections, it's a great way to hear new songs from some of the best musicians the local scene has to offer. The CD can be purchased online.

Below are a few songs from the CD Release party at This Ain't Hollywood on January 23, 2011. Click here if you can't see the videos.

These last two video are performances of the songs from other shows.

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