Monday, June 20, 2011

New Alfie Smith CD: Sometimes the Rain

On his latest CD, Sometimes the Rain, accomplished Hamilton musician Alfie Smith turns his focus toward more of a singer/songwriter sound. The result is a wonderful, emotional experience.

Make no mistake though - every song on this album has a blues soul to it. Both Two-tone Snake and Only Sin are unmistakable bluesy.

On top of that, Alfie's trademark booming voice adds a lot of emotion to the exquistely written tunes. An incredible new arrangement of Paul Simon's Graceland also shows off his skills.

Sometimes the Rain is mainly a solo affair with just Alfie and a guitar. Amy King joins him on piano for three tracks.

The disc is availale at his live shows, online at Busted Flat Records, and at Pick and Sticks.

Below are a few videos of songs from the album.

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