Friday, October 7, 2011

New Dave Gould CD: Truck for Sale

If anyone has seen his live solo shows, they know that Dave Gould has an air of energetic fun about him. What would you expect from a man who occasionally drums on a toilet (and does it well)?. This liveliness is definitely evident in his latest CD, Truck for Sale.Dave manages to create light-hearted roots country/folk music while maintaining a high degree of musicianship. These aren't "joke" songs but witty, sometimes strange, interesting, catchy numbers. The guitar and vocal work are superb. There's even a bit of an edgy, alternative vibe at play here.
His co-conspirators on this unique project include Steve Didemus, Chris Cracknell, Gerry Gregg, Tanya Amyote, and Stephen Fuller.

The disc is available at his live shows and is available on iTunes and eMusic.

Below is a song from his CD.

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