Monday, June 4, 2012

New Cindy Dell CD: Gathering Tales

Gathering Tales, the latest CD from singer/songwriter Cindy Dell, has the perfect title. A collection of stories is exactly what this disc is.

Each lyric paints a different tale. From carefree fun (Fishing Song), social commentary (Glory Daze), love (Lonely Boy Timid Girl), history (For As Long as the River Flows) and much more. Cindy's words offer great emotional resonance to every topic.

The variety of the music also mirrors the lyrics. Each tune has its own sonic soul. The songstress herself sings (and what an amazing voice), plays guitar, violin, harmonica and much more. Amy Di Nino (Wark) beautifully plays drums and other percussive instruments. David E. Campbell supplies the wonderful guitars.

The CD is available at her live shows.

Below are two videos from her recent CD Release Party. We'll be posting more from this show soon.

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