Monday, June 11, 2012

New Steve Strongman Acoustic CD: A Natural Fact

Steve Strongman is known around the world for his high powered, high energy electric guitar sound.  For his latest CD, A Natural Fact, this Hamilton boy's decided to show that he's equally adept with an acoustic guitar.

This ain't no collection of slow, introspective, ballads though.  The stripped down feel allows his great voice to show off it's energy and power (especially on Haven't Seen It Yet and The Mood).  Plus, the boogie he's always had is still here.

Steve also takes advantage of the acoustic format to explore some older blues vibes on a few numbers (while still maintaining a foot in the present). You can hear this from the quasi-gospel sound of I Forgot, to the jazzy, old-timey Full of You, and the rawness of Just One Thing

Though a few tunes are just Steve and his guitar (as well as harmonica), he had a few musical pals to keep him company:  Jesse O'Brien, Alec Fraser, Rob Szabo (who also produced the CD), Dave King, and Suzie Vinnick (who duets with him on Leaving).

The CD is available at his live shows and as a download on iTunes.

Below are live performances of songs from the CD. Courtesy of IndieEyes

Blast From the Past: Steve Strongman Playing Acoustic at Slainte 

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