Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chuck Jackson's New Big Joe Turner Tribute (featuring Jesse O'Brien): A Cup of Joe

Downchild Blues Band vocalist, Chuck Jackson has assembled the Big Bad Blues Band to record some wonderful Big Joe Turner covers. A Cup of Joe (available through Linus Entertainment) is an amazing disc filled with great, powerful, swinging, sounds. Big Joe woulda been proud.

The group boasts Hamilton's master piano man, Jesse O'Brien tickling the ivories with his usual flair. Also contributing to this treasure tribute are Pat Carey, Terry Wilkins, Gene Hardy. There's also an appearance from the legendary Curley Bridges.

The CD is available at Chuck's shows and can be purchased online. The album can also be downloaded through iTunes, eMusic, and True North Records.

Below is a video from the CD.

Blast from the Past: Downchild Blues Band & Others@Burlington Ribfest

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