Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Caretakers CD: Love, War + PRopaganda

Love, War + PRopaganda is the latest CD from Hamilton's own folk-rock band with a conscience, the Caretakers.

The group have taken the amazing sound from their debut disc and journeyed beyond. The bedrock is still classic, melodic folk rock though. Lena Montecalvo's powerful vocals and Jeffrey Martin's character-filled voice are on full display, as always.

In this cool collection, you get the funkiness of Just Like California, the pop-flavoured Flowers for Peace, the countrified Left a Friend Behind, the catchy I'm the Happiest Man (featuring some cool Ukele work) and much more. Lyrically, they cover many social issues (especially on songs such as On Becoming Noam Chomsky and In Humanity We Trust).

Jeffrey and Lena are the core duo of the Caretakers. Joining them are a number of amazing local musicians such as Mike Trebilcock (who also produces), Carrie Ashworth, Barry Mac, Kim Deschamps, Jesse O'Brien, Matt Coleman and former Caretaker Norm Van Bergen

The CD is available at their live shows and can be downloaded on Bandcamp.

Below is a song from the CD, courtesy of the band's YouTube page.

Blast from the past: Review of their debut CD + Videos

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