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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Jack de Keyzer CD: Electric Love

Local bluesmaster Jack de Keyzer has always known how to the rock the blues.  With his latest release, Electric Love, the man's proven he can really amp it up and unleash the power.

The CD's high-energy, loud blues is like a call to arms: Jack means business.  There's no doubt he can riff with the best of them and his voice can rattle the walls if needed.

That's doesn't mean he's sacrificed nuance for power.  Amazing, soulful, funky and slinky grooves pepper the album.  He even finishes off the disc with a dynamic acoustic version of the title track.

Jack is ably aided an abetted by David McMorrow (Rough Trade) on keyboards, Alan Duffy on bass and Rick Donaldson on drums.  

The CD is available at his live shows, through Indiepool, and as a download through iTunes and eMusic.

Below is a live perfomance of the title track, courtesy of RandallStaffordCook.

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