Monday, January 28, 2013

New James Clark Jones CD: the days of convenience

Oakville singer/songwriter James Clark Jones has created a multi-genre gem with the days of convenience, his latest CD.

The disc kicks off with a beautiful potry reading and then travels through jazz, blues, folk, celtic music and many other sonic territories.  No matter where the songs lead, they're all reinforced with great songwriting and storytelling.  Highlights include the bluesy/jazzy Cool, the power of Rising Young Man, and the sweet melancholy of Whisky.

James has put together a great team for this album.  Talented area musicians such as Mike Branton, Sarah Beatty, Rob Reed, and others add to this superb mix of tunes.

Unfortunetly, the CD was sold out.  You can download the album through his bandcamp page or purchase at iTunes

You can stream this amazing disc below.

Links: James Clark Jones, More CD Releases


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