Saturday, August 3, 2013

New Paul Federici CD: Now and Then . . .

Lush melodies and unique acoustic guitar work are just the beginning for Paul Federici's new CD Now and Then . . .    The St. Catharines singer/songwriter has delivered an incredible album filled with rich, vibrant, musical magic.

Layered vocals and beautiful harmonies bring out Paul's soft, moving voice.  Everything is enhanced by touches of cello, mandolin, piano, pedal steel and more.

This is courtesy of the artist's musical cohorts, Leon Furs (multiple instruments), Kirk Starkey (cello), Adam Warner (drums), Mike Vial (guitar), and Nick Skalkos (drums)

This wonderful album is available as a physical CD and download through his Bandcamp page and can also be downloaded through iTunes.

Below are two videos from the album courtesy of Paul's YouTube page.

Links: Paul Federici, More CD Releases

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