Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Michael J. Birthelmer's Zanzibar & Your Number Now on CD

Hamilton singer/songwriter Michael J. Birthelmer has released two of his classic albums on CD for the first time.

Zanibar has a wonderful tropical feel throughout most of the disc.  This isn't your typical island dance music but an amazing fun sound with its roots in folk.  The storytelling is just superb.

Michael is backed up dutifully by Bob Doidge, Ed Roth, Bill Dillon, Brian Griffith and others.  The background vocals by Ian Thomas, Dave Rave, and Jude Johnson are a real treat as well.

Video below courtesy of Ohanakamakame

Your Number is a fabulous musical voyage featuring different elements such as jazz, pop, oriental sounds, psychedelic passages, and synthesizers.The songwriting is top notch here as well.

Michael co-horts this time out include Carl Horton, Michael Hickey & Paul Panchezak (of Trickbag), and many others.

To get one (or both) of these stunning CDs, you can contact Michael through his web site.

The video below is a song from the CD.

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