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Friday, September 27, 2013

Dawn and Marra Nominated for 2013 Canadian Folk Music Award

Dawn and Marrathe fabulous local folk duo, have been nominated for a 2013 Canadian Folk Music Award (Vocal Group).  The talented ladies will be up against such luminaries as the The Good Lovelies and The Wilderness of Manitoba. Good Luck!

Nominees include former Jackie Washington musical co-hort Ken Whiteley, Stephen Fearing (Blackie and the  Rodeo Kings), David Francey, Kevin Breitand Corin Raymond.

The winners will be announced on November 10, 2013 in Calgary.

Links: Dawn and Marra , More Dawn and Marra Stories,

Here is a complete list of nominees.

Vocal Group of the Year
  • Dawn and Marra
  • Good Lovelies 
  • Trent Severn 
  • Sweet Lowdown 
  • Wilderness of Manitoba
New/Emerging Artist
  • Ashley Condon 
  • Lemon Bucket Orkestra
  • Mo Kenney
  • Ten Strings And A Goat Skin
  • Trent Severn 
Pushing The Boundaries
  • Kevin Breit
  • Jaron Freeman-­Fox & The Opposite of Everything
  • New Country Rehab 
  • Orchid Ensemble 
  • Wilderness of Manitoba
English Songwriter
  • David Francey
  • Old Man Luedecke
  • Lynn Miles
  • Justin Rutledge
  • John Wort Hannam
French Songwriter
  • Chantal Archambault 
  • Louis-­Jean Cormier
  • Catherine Durand 
  • Alexis Normand 
  • Dany Placard 
Aboriginal Songwriter
  • Don Amero 
  • Diem Lafortune 
  • Nancy Mike 
  • Kristi Lane Sinclair 
  • Vince Fontaine 
World Solo Artist
  • Aviva Chernick
  • Alex Cuba
  • Lenka Lichtenberg 
  • Jorge Miguel 
  • Sora 
World Group
  • Njacko Backo & Kalimba Kalimba 
  • David Buchbinder & Odessa
  • Lemon Bucket Orkestra 
  • Jaron Freeman-­Fox & The Opposite of Everything
  • Jaffa Road 
Traditional Album
  • Long Gone Out West Blues (Pharis Romero & Jason Romero)
  • Lume, Lume (Lemon Bucket Orkestra)
  • Mosaïk (Vishtèn)
  • Seinn (Mary Jane Lamond & Wendy MacIsaac)
  • Tune Tramp (Erynn Marshall)
Traditional Singer
  • Natalie Edelson (The Blue Warblers)
  • Ian Bell 
  • Ken Whiteley 
  • Pharis Romero
  • Mary Jane Lamond 
Contemporary Album
  • Downpour (Lynn Miles)
  • Rise (Annabelle Chvostek)
  • So Say We All (David Francey)
  • These Wilder Things (Ruth Moody)
  • Valleyheart (Justin Rutledge)
Contemporary Singer
  • Stephen Fearing 
  • Old Man Luedecke
  • Justin Rutledge 
  • Ian Sherwood 
  • John Wort Hannam 
Instrumental Group
  • Boxcar Boys 
  • Jaron Freeman-­Fox & The Opposite of Everything
  • Gordon Grdina’s Haram 
  • Lemon Bucket Orkestra 
  • Log Drivers 
Instrumental Solo Artist
  • Stephanie Cadman 
  • Maxim Cormier
  • Chrissy Crowley
  • Rachel Davis 
  • Jorge Miguel 
  • Genticorum 
  • Good Lovelies
  • Mary Jane Lamond & Wendy MacIsaac
  • Corin Raymond & The Sundowners 
  • Vishtèn for Mosaïk
Solo Artist
  • Maria Dunn
  • Stephen Fearing
  • David Francey 
  • Lynn Miles 
  • John Wort 
Children’s Album
  • Helen Austin: Always Be A Unicorn
  • Funky Mamas: Pickin’ in the Garden 
  • Jennifer Gasoi: Throw a Penny in the Wishing Well
  • Madame Diva: Viva la Diva
  • Gary Rasberry: What’s the Big Idea?!
  • David Francey (David Francey: So Say We All)
  • David Travers-­Smith (Ruth Moody: These Wilder Things by Ruth Moody & Jaron Freeman-­Fox and The Opposite of Everything)
  • Jory Nash (Jory Nash: Little Pilgrim)
  • Rick Scott  (Great Gazzoon -­ A Tall Tale With Tunes & Turbulence)
  • Steve Dawson (Kelly Joe Phelps: Brother Sinner & The Whale & Jim Bynes I Hear The Wind In The Wires)
There will also be Unsung Hero and Innovator Awards

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