Monday, September 2, 2013

New Poor Angus CD: Gathering

Local band Poor Angus seem to have done the near-impossible with their 3rd CD, Gathering.  The gang have created a glorious Celtic Folk album that has many modern touches yet can still truly be called traditional.

You'll definitely hear amazing fiddle-playing and some cool bagpipes plus many other Celtic elements (especially on the instrumentals).  Powerful lyrics and a stronger singer/songwriter feel sets it apart from the average release in the genre.

This may be due to the newest member of the group (replacing the retired lead singer Scott Cameron Smith) Joel Guenther.  His background is more in the rock/blues vein.  With the addition of this talented musician, the band has started an incredible new chapter.

In fact, Something I Can't See, a tune written by Joel and included on Gathering came in fourth in the CBC Searchlight Competition.  This song is one of the highlights of the collection  - as well as a beautiful rendition of Stan Roger's Barrett's Privateers.

The veterans of the group (Andrew Bryan, Ross Griffiths, Brian LeBlanc, and DJ Moons) have done an amazing job of moving forward while still keeping their roots in the traditional.  Together, they've surely made a future for their sound.

You can check out this new direction by purchasing or downloading the album through the band's website or pick it up at their explosive live shows.

Videos below courtesy of MusicFerret

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