Saturday, September 20, 2014

Haunting Vocals Stand Out on New Album from Hamilton's Justin Dunlop: Black Bay Nocturnes

Justin Dunlop's haunting, soulful voice is the first thing you'll notice on the Hamilton singer/songwriter's first full-length album, Black Bay Nocturnes. His voice is beautiful and full of expression.

A subtle funkiness permeates the recording as it grooves and slides through soul, folk, and rock.  All the while, the high quality of the lyrics is wonderfully maintained.

Justin is backed up by some talented musicians such as his brother Matt Dunlop, Maarten De Boer, Nick Doneff (from Fort Erie), Jill Harris, Alan Zemaitis, Andrew Kesler, Andrew Mullin, and Mike Ardagh.  They add to the fantastic feel of the album.

You can download this collection through his Bandcamp page or iTunes.

Videos above courtesy of Justin Dunlop

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