Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hamilton's Dinner Belles Create a Lush Americana Sound with Latest CD

Hamilton's Dinner Belles are purveyors of the finest Americana around.  With their sophomore album, The River and the Willow (their first through Sonic Unyon) they continue to hammer out some incredible rootsy twang.

The band features some of the best local musician's around, such as Scott Bell, Brandon BlissTerra LightfootBrad Germain, Jonathan Ely Cass, Melanie Pothier and Greg Brisco.  They team up to create an organic sounding, spirited country folk of the highest order. Sweet harmonies and a myriad of instruments (xylophone, trombone, bells and more) create a beautiful lush sound that just sinks rights in to your soul.

You can get an LP, CD or download at the Sonic Unyon online store.  This superb album can also be downloaded through iTunes.

Video above courtesy of the Dinner Belles

Above two videos courtesy of StellaBlu447

Blast from the Past: The Dinner Belles' Debut CD

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