Saturday, June 20, 2015

Hamilton's Kurk Bernard Unveils a Good, Old-Fashioned Country CD!

If you're hankering for some old fashioned, good time Country music, then check out Love's Gonna Live Here, the newest CD from Hamilton singer/songwriter Kurk Bernard.  The Blind River bassist can get boots steppin' and hearts breakin'.

Kurk's voice was born to sing this kind of amazing music.  Fiddles and pedal steel join him rocking out to some kickin' tracks and tugging at heart strings on beautiful ballads.

The incredible team on the album includes Steve Piticco (guitars), Mel Aucion (piano), Ron Reed (fiddle), Doug Johnson (pedal steel), Billy Caruthers (drums), with hamony vocals by Jay Riehl, Lindsey Beckett and Doug Deveaux.

There's also a fabulous, touching, bonus track featuring his daughter Faith on co-vocals along with Jay Riehl (drums), Lindsey Beckett (fiddle). Steve Petrie of Blind River (guitars/pedal steel), and Sean O'Grady (piano).

You can pick up this great CD and any of his live shows.

Links: Kurk Bernard, Video above courtesy of the Hamilton Blues LoversMore Releases

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