Tuesday, June 2, 2015

'Roll up the Night Sky' by Dana Sipos is Ethereal, Organic and Artistic

You can really hear Dana Sipos' exquisite voice on her latest album, Roll Up the Night Sky (released through Muddy Roots Recordings).  The local singer/songwriter (she has lived in Hamilton and Guelph among other places) has created a wonderfully sparse, organic album that still manages to fill the room.

Its ethereal sound will haunt you after listening.  Dana knows how to set a mood using minimal instrumentation.  The feel is very artistic and cinematic.

Helping her out is a few amazing performers: Ben Hermann, Mark McIntyre, Michael Feuerstack, John Tielli, and Pietro Amato.

There are many places to download this incredible album: BandcampeMusic and iTunes.

Video above courtesy of Dana Sipos

Video above courtesy of Morgan Orion


Some albums escape our radar, so occasionally we'll be catching up with some mini-reviews!

The pop folk sound of 2011's Lay of the Land shows another side of Dana.  This banjo-laden, infectious collection is perfect for some good times (though there are some impressive slower tunes as well).  She doesn't skimp on the well-crafted lyrics though.

This is also available via BandcampeMusic and iTunes.

Video above courtesy of Elysium Wishes

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